Friday, May 16, 2008

Tips for Easier Travel

May has come. The time for moving on has arrived. Each year the season seems to come slower as we await the venture of the road. The preparation is basically the same and there is a boring ceiling on the needed maintenance before the time comes to leave. Plans have been checked and rechecked and visions of great fun ahead brings thoughts of joy. A date is selected for the start of the year's journey for the summer. We all desire to catch holidays as we can and this in turn helps get us through the miserable winter days that so many suffer with. Americans have always looked forward to retirement but most in the past never planned very well. This creates the masses in the fixed income bracket. If you are this group like I am you know that holiday plans have to be within means.

I have found that basic holiday plans will not suffer too much, but they will be slowed down in order to accomplish what we wish. A new problem has been given us. The price of fuel has rocketed here to us. We have been sitting fat, dumb and happy as we paid low prices. We still sit at a point way below in price for fuel compared to the rest of the world. We are horrified to see our prices heading to $4 a gallon and more. Our love of giant RV vehicles has given false pride and now they are costing us much more per mile.

All this has given us concern but slowly we seem to be coming to the proper idea of how to cope. With a fixed income I have learned to plan trips with less miles per day. You don't move very fast but you can still have your holiday. When money begins to draw down then it is time to sit still for a time. This is a hard lesson to be learned. Everything has price increases now and I still find that my old gas hog motor coach is cheaper for most travel. If you have to stay in motels and eat in restaurants you soon learn that these are much more expensive now. A decent motel will bare a price of $75 to $125 a night. There are cheaper places but they don't meet my conditions. I drove big trucks over the road in the past and found that constant dining on the roadway is not so great. I also cherish my own comfortable bed.

One of the gifts we get from the changed rules of holiday fun is we manage to see much more of areas we pass through. We are great for living in an area for years and never really seeing what is around that can be enjoyed. I purposely search the Internet for things to see as we move along. I have traveled most roads in the states and still admit I have seen little of the country. The saying of "Stop and smell the roses" seems appropriate here. I have also learned that slower travel is some better for my old bones.

I have one great aid for the holidays now. I am retired and therefore have no need for speed. I am now happy to travel a distance of 900 miles and take up to 10 days to get there. The old saying applies here for me - 'Home is where we down jacks!' I have been in high gear most of my life and now that shows on my health and appearance. I doubt that high fuel prices will ever stop RV travel. We are seeing fuel prices rapidly heading upward and diesel prices are higher than other fuels. This has been caused by a large increase in personal vehicles that burn that fuel.

I have now found a new joy. I look for unique things as I travel. I have seen many interesting items as I have traveled but now I take pictures. The digital camera has also given us the luxury of cheap photography and almost instant pictures. Polaroid recently announced that it will discontinue its instant camera and film within the next year. Another era has come to a close. So all that is required for a wonderful holiday is to get out there and go.