Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why the Electoral College Reigns Over US Presidential Elections

When the Constitution of the United States was created there was almost no communication for distances. The election of a President would have required months before an actual winner was known by popular vote. The brilliance of our founding fathers is partially shown by the method they choose to elect a leader.

The Electoral College is an organization of persons that each state elects to vote for a President. Members of this college represent the populations of the various states from which they are elected.

The creation of the Electoral College System made our nation a republic rather than a democracy. We elect persons to vote for us during a Presidential Election.

Originally the system was probably the best that could be created at that time. There was no provision for a regular check of the system for better replacements. The election of electoral members in the early days allowed them to travel to a central location and then elect a President. This is still used today even though our communication systems allow us to know the desire of the majority of voters immediately. The President is still not officially chosen on Election Day.

The Electoral College members can still elect basically whom they wish regardless which candidate they have been chosen to elect by the population. Some states do require the members to vote as they have been directed by the citizens but not all. There have been elections in the recent past that have shown the majority of citizens voted for a losing candidate but due to the configuration of the electoral system the majority of each state voters are represented.

There is still the possibility that a tie could occur in the Electoral College and then the President would be chosen by the House of Representatives. This could throw a new vision to the voters if it ever happened. Regardless of such possibilities most politically active people want to hang on to the college system. Our system of communication is far above problems within the Electoral College. Many citizens are still concerned that pure democracy without the Electoral College would create massive problems. If the current system ever goes wild then they should learn rapidly that democracy is not dangerous but political motivations of persons in our system might be. We need to manage a new system to allow up to date vote tabulation by the individual person. This needs to be accomplished before we have a major problem.