American RV magazine (Dec. 04, edition)

Gary and Joyce
One of the great things about RV travel in the US is the people you meet. Motels or hotels just don't work if you want to mix with our American cousins. Pulling up at a campsite is always a new experience whether it's a national or private park. We have used both for a good number of years and in most cases, on finding our pitch and parking up, we find the neighbouring RV'ers make a friendly comment and before you know it we are engrossed in interesting conversation.

One of our favourite RV parks is Carefree RV Park, Apache Junction, Arizona. Not only do they have half price pitches through Passport America, they are just a few miles from Phoenix Airport our exit point to the UK. We frequently use this park so when we arrive there is always a big welcome, none more so than that from Gary & Joyce.

Let me introduce you to Gary - he is a 59 years old ex infantry Lieutenant who was assigned to Special Forces in the Vietnam War, and still proudly wears the insignia on his Stetson.

In early 1996 Gary took early retirement from 30 years of trucking all over North America, due to breaking his back.
Freightliner 500HP w/toys!
After partial recovery the couple moved into the couples' pride and joy - a 1988 Komfort motorhome. Joyce - Gary's wife, spent 5 years in his truck as shot gun, keeping Gary on the straight and narrow. On hanging up their snow chains, and retiring to their motorhome, Joyce has kept Gary in the manner to which he has become accustomed.
Komfort Motorhome
Since Gary & Joyce downed jacks at Carefree in late 1996 the park has benefited enormously, not only by them being the life and soul of the park, but Gary also started the parks monthly news-letter "Carefree Capers" a catalyst for all the residents. The Carefree Capers contains up to date news of the inhabitants, information on park events and humorous antidotes.

We first parked next to Gary & Joyce some 4 years ago, and now Gary is best known to UK RV'ers for his contribution to the pages of the ARVE magazine, under the pseudonym G.LaVerne Crowell. So now you've seen his face and learned a little of his life, next time you read one of his articles you will know it comes from one of our American cousins, with a wealth of interesting information.

Happy RV'ing
Rick Jenkins
Executive Editor (ARVE)